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Meet our Teachers

John is the director of Hootenanny House and is incredibly passionate about both playing and teaching music. As a lifelong guitar student, John plays a wide range of styles and has a large repertoire of songs. He especially enjoys the rewards of witnessing the improvement in his guitar students.

Rob is a gifted musician with over 30 years as a professional composer, guitar player, singer, and arranger. Rob adores playing for children and they adore him in turn. His skillful playing and fun-loving personality energize the classroom leaving kids and parents with an unlikely combination of exhilaration and serenity at the end of class.



Mrs. Shelbi Schaden is a 2014 graduate of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in K-12 Music Education. During her freshman year of college, Mrs, Schaden stumbled upon an inexpensive orange ukulele, and has since been known for her use of the ukulele in K-5 general music. After completion of her Undergraduate Degree, Mrs. Schaden started teaching K-5 General Music & 5th Grade Choir at Western Avenue Elementary School (@WestAveMusic) and Kinder General Music at Williamsburg Elementary School located in Geneva, Illinois. Now in her fifth year teaching, Mrs. Schaden is forever grateful for the experiences she has already had and for the experiences yet to come.


Jerry is a seasoned musician with over 35 years of experience performing in front of all types of audiences. Jerry is well versed in many different styles, but loves American roots music the best.  


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