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Group Guitar Classes

Learning to play an instrument (or learning to sing) is a challenging undertaking. Sometimes it seems impossible to get to the "next level" of musicianship. The group method provides a fun and supportive environment to share the learning experience and connect with your musical peers. Most importantly, it prepares you to perform and demonstrate your talents in front of others. 

Whether you want develop or a diversify your repertoire, or work on a particular performance aspect (e.g., improve ability to play and sing simultaneously), Hootenanny House has the class for you.


Group Guitar (intermediate to advanced)

Expand your repertoire and improve your musicianship abilities as you jam and sing along with other players. Classes revolve around a group or artist (e.g., Beatles, Dylan) or genre (swing jazz, 70's funk). Over the course of 4 or 8 weeks, the group will work on one or two songs per week, working on the following elements:  

  • Ear training, song structure, understanding genres and related theory

  • Left hand techniques, chord fingering,  and fluidity in chord changes

  • Advanced strumming

  • Foundational techniques in flat picking and finger style

  • Commonly used scales and improv

A performance will be held on the last class date where you can demonstrate skills learned in front of friends and family.


Level I (Beginner Guitar)

Experience the joy of making music and sharing learning experience with others. Our beginner classes provide a fun, low-pressure environment where you will learn the basic techniques involved in: 

Foundation chords and finger placement

Strumming styles and timing

Different musical genres and song structure

Elements of rhythm and harmony

Learning to sing and play at the same time

Our song-centered approach helps build your confidence as you enjoy immediate success in playing your favorite tunes. 

Book of Chords
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