Uke Group - 7pm Thursdays

A chorus of ukuleles is about the happiest sound in the world! 

Ukulele Group - Meets Thursdays at 7pm
from 80.00
  • Thursdays at 7pm
  • Classes are 90 min.
  • Structure (8-week session)
    • First half: instruction for beginners on uke fundamentals: chord shapes, fingering techniques, rhythm patterns, etc. (players ages 6-13 will split off into their own group).
    • Second half (starts at 7:45pm) opens to more skilled players for open jam/sing. Beginners are encouraged to stay for the second half in which songs learned in the first half will be played. 
    • Instructor leads both sessions, providing the music score and arrangements (students are welcome to introduce a song they would like to play with the group).
  • Pricing
    • $80 for second half only
    • $125 for both
Class Option: